The Salopek Team

Salopek Golf Car & Equipment Company, Inc. specializes in Golf Car Special Event Rentals. Each member of the Salopek Team demonstrates excellence in their area of expertise to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Rick Salopek, President / Owner

Rick purchased the family business in 1998. Since then, he has moved the company from Dayton, Ohio and expanded onto a five acre facility in Tipp City, Ohio. Rick has also moved the business far beyond sales and service of golf cars. Rick is primarily focused on the golf car rental portion of the business. He spends the majority of the year traveling to and from our major events ensuring that our customers are receiving the excellent service that they deserve.

Dustin Hixson, Operations Manager

Dusty joined the the Salopek team in 2013 and brought a wealth of experience in fleet maintenance and event staging to the company. Dusty works closely with Rick and Geoff to make sure we have well maintained cars where we need them, when we need them.

Geoff Duff, Logistics Coordinator

Geoff has been a part of Salopek Golf Car & Equipment Company, Inc. for over ten years. He has viewed Salopek from many different positions and is currently serving as the Logistics Coordinator. Geoff manages all of our golf car movement as well as working closely with our strategic partners and suppliers to ensure timely and complete deliveries. He is the key to making Salopek run smoothly.

Staci Hixson, Rental Coordinator

Staci is responsible for all rentals — large or small.  She is normally the first point of contact for our customers and is a key to providing our customers with the information they need for a great rental experience.  She is customer focused and works hard to earn the appreciation of our customers by providing complete and accurate rentals while going the extra mile to address any concerns.